Picture frames

The picture frame as decoration

The idea of surrounding pictures with an outer border arose from sacred art. Originally, altarpieces were framed and wood was used as the frame material. The frame was painted, lavishly decorated and subsequently even gilded. In the end, the production of picture frames developed into an independent genre of craftsmanship.

As a leading handicraft company, we have taken up the tradition of frame production and continue to cultivate it.

The contemporary picture frame mostly originates from industrial mass production and has conquered a fixed place as a decorative object. This is not surprising when you consider all the things that can be framed.

What can be framed?

Oil paintings, water colors, prints, photos, master letters, certificates, trade licenses, love letters, handicrafts (also 3D), pressed flowers, ceramic pictures, clock pictures …

reverse glass paintings, reliefs, mirrors, glass paintings, mosaics, small treasures, antiques, engravings, lithographs, vouchers, gifts of money…