Gifts with style

Even small attentions need to be significant and extraordinary if they are to give pleasure. Gifts are not a question of price or quantity, but a question of style. And as a leading handicraft company in the glass processing sector, we are particularly committed to the question of style.

Stylish gift giving with unique items

Our repertoire is primarily based on the own production of the “Wiener Glasmanufaktur”. All products of the glass manufactory are unique pieces. In contrast to industrial mass production, each work is a unique piece, which was produced with the unmistakable handwriting of the respective craftsman. Different techniques of glass processing such as fusing or glass blowing are used, which considerably increase the value of such a gift.

Such unique pieces have always been an expression of the recipient’s special esteem. Of course you will receive a corresponding certificate for each unique item, which confirms the uniqueness of the object. We have a large selection of unique handcrafted items at our disposal and can therefore only show a small part of them on our website. If you would like to see a larger selection, please browse through our picture gallery of vases, bowls, glass figures, carafes and clocks from the Vienna Glass Manufactory.