Gift list

Gifts in teamwork

You know that? Cousine Frieda was presented with three coffee machines, several coffee services and five knife sets at the wedding. That doesn’t cloud the joy about the occasion, but it is still annoying. Your dream of 48-piece tableware would have been considerably cheaper, by the way. See for yourself!

And everything would be so simple. All you need is a central gift list, which you can view at any time in order to make a meaningful gift. We are happy to take on this task and if the 48 pieces are in short supply, we can sometimes help out.

The free keeping of a gift list is our contribution to the celebration!

How the gift list works

At a central location, a record is kept of who has which gift ready for the occasion. In order to avoid overlaps, we ask which gifts are already at the gift table and enter their own.  In the case of multi-part gifts, you can order individual parts and thus distribute a high purchase price among several.

We keep the gift list

This is the simplest thing in the world: Call us and tell us the name of the lucky child and the reason for the gift.

And we will tell you the current status of gifts that have already been given. Of course, this also applies to gifts that do not come from our house.