Giving makes friends and gives pleasure

If you are looking for a 08/15 catalogue item as a gift you will not find it here. Gifts are not a question of price but first and foremost a question of style. And we are committed to this thought. Even small gifts want to be significant and extraordinary if they are to give pleasure. 

Our repertoire is primarily drawn from the own production of the “Wiener Glasmanufaktur”. In addition, we also offer selected products from acquisitions. Our own handcrafted products are always unique, i.e. unique. Of course, our unique pieces are documented with corresponding certificates, so that the value of the gift is also visible.

Use our service regarding gift lists and vouchers for gifts.

Occasions for giving gifts

  • Birthday, Name day
  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas, Easter
  • Baptism, Confirmation
  • Wedding day
  • Birth
  • Diploma, School leaving certificate

or simply to say “thank you.”

Production of special requests

In some cases our extensive range of handicraft products is not sufficient. For special occasions or for very special events, a gift should only be created according to your personal ideas.

As a renowned handicraft business in the field of glass processing, we of course also manufacture individual special requests according to your ideas. The consultation for design we contribute free of charge.