Creative children's painting courses in the Kuchlerhaus

In the Kuchlerhaus creative children’s painting courses on various topics take place regularly. The main focus is on the joy and fun of painting. The children should stimulate each other and paint together. Spontaneous activities as well as creativity and fantasy are actively encouraged. The physical and mental action is in the foreground, not the final result.

The teaching of different techniques and the use of different materials are an interesting experience for the children and take place in a relaxed and child-friendly way. In the end, the little artists take home great masterpieces.


Current dates

The current dates for our children’s painting courses can be found on our website in time. 

You can request agreements for groups on separate dates. 


Organisational information

The courses take place in the in-house studio under the guidance of a certified instructor.

Minimum number of participants: 6 children
Deadline for registration: 7 days before course start
have to be brought along: kitchen roll