Window construction

Windows can also be decorative

Windows are the eyes of a building and enable communication with the environment. But windows and window glass are also the classics of the master glazier. Probably the first thought in the profession of glazier is “window glass”. However form, organization and purpose-orientation developed substantially further. While the original functionality was limited to transparency in order to give the room light or to create visual contact to the outside, completely new requirements have to be met in a modern world.

Trendy window glass

Windows do not always have to have a square shape. It does not always have to be ordinary sheet glass. Windows may have a decorative character in addition to their actual functionality. Depending on your requirements, our specialist workshop will also deliver:

  • practical heat protection glass
  • burglar-proof glazing
  • artfully designed Tiffany glass
  • trendy fusing glass
  • lead glazing
  • custom-made products

From the repair of a simple glass damage of your window up to a personal mosaic window – nothing is too difficult for us.