Glass repairs by a specialist

If one considers everything carefully, the repair by the specialist is always the more economical solution. And to have a guarantee is a very reassuring thing!

Damage caused by glass breakage does not have to degenerate into a catastrophe. After all, we can repair almost anything. See the concrete example for yourself. And of course we will be happy to assist you in settling claims with the insurance company. No matter how simple or complicated the claim may be – glass repairs are always trouble-free for the customer when the specialist goes to work.

Our customer service

It’s a bad feeling standing in front of a pile of broken glass, isn’t it? Just then we will certainly not leave you alone! You will be satisfied with us: Professionals with a lot of experience, friendly and competent, will help you without hesitation to repair the damage.

Even if it doesn’t get that bad, some glasses have to be serviced from time to time to keep them beautiful longer. We also provide competent advice and assistance on these issues.

Our customer service is always there for you on +43 2254 72 442!

On-site service

The Kuchlerhaus has a small fleet of customer service vehicles that will take care of the delicate transport of fragile freight for you! Take the safe side.

Whether it’s damage assessment, repair, pick-up or delivery, you make the right decision when you give us glass on the way. Our specialists can handle fragile freight correctly as usual.

From the repair of a simple glass damage of your window up to a personal mosaic window – nothing is too difficult for us.