Terrace and winter garden


Glass canopies protect the entrance area from rain and snow and let enough light through. There are many prefabricated complete solutions that can be installed with little effort. Of course, we manufacture any desired shape and size for you in our glass workshop.

Additional design possibilities result from the combination with precious metals or copper.

A beautiful canopy made of glass is a good business card for your house – we are happy to show you samples and ideas!

Glass roofs

Glass roofs bring light and sunshine into your house and – calculated correctly – can also help save a lot of energy! Sophisticated shading systems make rooms under glass roofs a pleasant place to live, even in summer.

On cool and rainy days it can be very romantic to sit comfortably “like in the garden” under a protective glass roof. Break-proof and heat-insulating glass roofs extend your living space with a very attractive variant.

Winter garden

The dream of every family is a smart winter garden, which extends the living space in the house by a very nature near dimension.

The design of the construction, the use of the appropriate glass and the selection of energy-saving techniques and materials can be placed in our hands without any worries.

You will see that a conservatory is a sensible investment in several respects. Ask for practical case studies – as a suggestion for your individual conservatory!

Benefit from our many years of experience in conservatory construction.

Terrace canopies

Short is the time of year when you can really enjoy your own terrace. Often even a small shower of rain can disturb the long planned barbecue party.

Protect yourself from such unpleasant surprises and don’t let weather capers drive you away from your own terrace!

While others flee into the house with flying tablecloths, you and your guests will continue to enjoy the romantic atmosphere on your terrace….. and the raindrops will not harm you!

Enjoy your stay on your terrace whether it rains or snows!