Shop windows & facades made of glass

Entrance doors decorated with glass elements are often referred to as “doors with a face”. The picture example of an entrance gate shows in perfect form what is meant by this. Namely an appealing entrance with style.

Entrance doors or gates are always the visual pivotal point of your house facade and a constant welcome to everyone who leaves or comes.

Talk to us when it comes to facades or displays.

Facades and shop windows

Break-proof, burglar-resistant and heat-insulating are the most important requirements for the functionality of shop windows and facades. Glass as a material can meet these challenges effortlessly.

But not only sober functionality is required. Displays must be the attractor in the immediate vicinity. Like a magnet, the potential observer should first be guided to the display pane and then welcomed as a customer.

Safety glass doors

Safety glass doors are not only modern but also very practical. There is a suitable glass for almost every requirement: splinter-binding, burglar-resistant, opaque, light-diffusing, sound-insulating and whatever effect you want to achieve.

Safety should not signal deterrence but what is meant: protection against unpleasantness. And safety can also be beautiful. We will also be happy to advise you when it comes to legal regulations such as fire protection, etc.!