Kitchen back panels made of glass

Individual Design

Kitchen back panels for private use

Beyond their actual functional purpose, today’s kitchens have become an expression of personal lifestyle. The mere combination of cooker, sink, refrigerator and worktop is no longer enough.

The kitchen has long since ceased to be a hidden working area and is now part of the whole. The kitchen area is integrated into the living space and in most cases is “generally accessible” or at least visible. Then design is in demand…

Then we’re in demand. We integrate the kitchen into the architecture of the room. Whether simple & modern or creative and unusual. We supply the necessary ambience and the panelling for appliances and useful areas that create harmonious harmony with your most important living space.

We do not manufacture kitchen back panels in series. Every kitchen back panel is made to measure. Each kitchen back panel is unique. 

Are you looking for an individual kitchen back wall made of glass? With our tailor-made kitchen back panels, your kitchen will also become an unmistakable unicum. When it comes to custom work, the focus is on planning and advice. Let the glass professionals in the Kuchlerhaus advise you now.

The advantages of glass kitchen back panels

Glass in gastronomy

In the commercial gastronomy sector, there are also special requirements, such as hygiene regulations, which require special equipment in terms of materials. However, hygiene and transparency as requirements for a material are inseparably linked with the term “glass”.

Glass is not unusual in gastronomy but rather everyday. There are additional arguments for the use of glass in the manufacture of worktops in the kitchen area:

  • Glass is insensitive: unlike wood or plastic, for example, you don’t have to worry about some “scratches”.
  • easy to clean: a damp cloth is usually enough to remove the dirt.
  • food-safe: we have probably all become so accustomed to this fact that we hardly think about it when we drink out of the glass again.
  • hygienically sterile: We are spared infections (and the resulting diseases).