Glass inserts

Glass tables

Glass tables have a special charm. Why is that so? Some say it’s “trendy” and aesthetes appreciate the transparency of worktops. Perhaps this explains the increasing use of glass tables as office furniture. The functional sphere of an office is loosened and conveys the impression of casual openness.

If you want more than series-produced industrial goods, we are certainly your partner for the selection of glass tables.

Inserts for cabinet doors

Glazing cupboard doors and bookcases is a popular way to enhance the value of existing furniture. And the eye has a double benefit: it enjoys the beauty of form and shape and also sees what is behind it.

From a practical point of view, it can also be said that it provides dust protection and maintains visual contact. What should not be seen is protected from curious glances without hindering the development of the light. Our specialist workshop specialises in the installation of decorative glass in valuable furniture.

Cabinet doors made of glass significantly enhance your furniture.