Bathroom and mirror

The mirror is an irreplaceable accessory

The symbolism of the word “mirror” is ambiguous. On the one hand it is interpreted as a sign of vanity and on the other as a sign of self-knowledge, wisdom and truth. The common phrase “holding a mirror up to someone” is more likely aimed at a lack of self-knowledge.

But mirrors primarily have a concrete function in everyday life. As bathroom mirrors, they serve us for self-observation in body care. A wet shave without a mirror is a daring game and a hairstyle without a mirror is usually an alibi. The wardrobe mirror, on the other hand, makes sure that everything “sits”.

Refine your mirror – this small investment is worth it.

Mirror and cut

With a nice cut a mirror looks more and more brilliant. And because you find yourself in it every day, you need this kind of special effect, because you are part of the game. Even the simple edge cut lifts the character of a mirror, brilliant cut and facet result in sophisticated ornaments that make your mirror an eye-catcher in the truest sense of the word!

Glass and Silver

Silver plating refers to all technical processes that produce a silver coating on solid objects. Silver plating of glass is also referred to as mirroring. This is how you recognize a professional! We are one of the few companies that operate its own silver plating plant and have the necessary know-how for this.