ATTENTION! SUMMER BREAK from April-October 2019 in our glassblowing workshop! The glassworks Kuchlerhaus in Weigelsdorf was opened at the end of 2006. The art of glass blowing is about 2000 years old. Despite all its fascination, this craft is threatened with extinction. Unfortunately, there are hardly any apprenticeships for this extraordinary craft in Austria. Glass blowing is more a vocation than a profession. The demands are correspondingly high. In addition to technique and physical effort, artistic understanding is also indispensable.

In order to snatch this treasure of knowledge from the irrevocable oblivion, extraordinary specialists from Austria, America, England and Australia were gathered in the Kuchlerhaus in order to mobilize and further develop the still existing experiences and skills. We spared neither costs nor effort and also set decisive impulses in the training. The result is something to be proud of.