The high art of glass blowing

The Roman scholar Plinius tells us in his natural history that the art of glass blowing by Syrian merchants arrived in Rome around the turn of time. The exact origin and dating of this art form, however, remains rather in the dark of history. It has been handed down, however, that the Romans began to blow glass into moulds and thus achieved an enormous variety of design possibilities.

In the turmoil of mass migration, this art form was rather neglected and experienced a great rebirth in Venice centuries later. Despite all the attempts of the Venetians to keep the secret to themselves, their technique penetrated the Alps to our latitudes.

Glassblowing show

Our glass artists demonstrate live in a spectacular way how a mouth-blown unique piece is created before your eyes. A fascinating experience that you may only know from Murano.

A view into the glassblowing shop, either directly from the street or in the designated showroom, is considered a special experience. For groups or coaches, please book in advance.

Experience at first hand how a work of art is made of glass. The demonstration is free of charge!

Video  Glass Blowing

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