Fusing - Glass melting with style

Fusing means fusing different pieces of glass together. Not only different colours but also different objects are processed together. The result is a fire-birth, with which it depends on each degree melting temperature and on the exact time.

Although this technique was already known in antiquity, it has only recently developed into one of the most sophisticated glass processing techniques. Artistically and handcrafted, Fusing means the maturity test for every glassmaker.

Fusing at Kuchlerhaus

We have been experimenting with this sophisticated technology for over 12 years and are constantly perfecting it. Originally, this technique was only used for the production of particularly valuable works of art. Meanwhile this technique is also used for everyday objects. Windows and door inserts almost force themselves to lend style to everyday life.

Also in your home our Fusing creations will contribute to the unique styling.

Exhibition objects