Handicrafts and Glass

The term “glass art” covers no less than 31 categories. The reason for this is that not only the manufacture but also the treatment and processing of the material glass can be carried out in the form of handicrafts. In addition, very different techniques can be used for shaping. In connection with creative performance, small works of art are created in an immense abundance.

The unrestricted mastery of the trade is of course a prerequisite for any artistic development. The material glass is our profession. We master its treatment and processing in all its facets. The Kuchlerhaus has a long tradition of craftsmanship. The creative development combined with the skill of the master hand is our outstanding characteristic. The name Kuchler has long been an integral part of the local art and culture business.

Glass from Murano is just as famous as its workshops. The work is carried out on glass furnaces at a temperature of about 1300° C. The technique consists of mixing certain raw materials according to precise individual recipes. Special furnaces for melting the batch and cooling furnaces for slow, controlled cooling of the workpieces are indispensable.

Our workshop is equipped according to the model of the famous Murano glass workshops in Italy.